Sabine's gull

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Sab·ine's gull

 (săb′īnz, -ĭnz, sā′bīnz)
A migratory gull (Xema sabini) that breeds in Arctic regions, having a forked tail with feathers rounded at the ends.

[After Sir Edward Sabine (1788-1883), British astronomer and explorer.]
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However, the breeding site in Young Sound in Northeast Greenland is a low, almost barren bank of gravel and sand, where the nest was found among large numbers of breeding arctic terns (Sterna paradisaea) and Sabine's gulls (Larus sabini).
Flight speed of Ross's gull Rhodostethia rosea and Sabine's gull Larus sabini. Arctic 51 (3):
Key words: flight speed, optical range finder, wind response, Rhodostethia rosea, Larus sabini
Mots cles: vitesse de vol, telemetre optique, reaction au vent, Rhodostethia rosea, Larus sabini