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a.1.(Anat.) Pertaining to both larynx and trachea; as, the laryngotracheal cartilage in the frog.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Good topical anaesthesia is essential to obtund the sensory afferent stimuli of the oropharyngeal and laryngotracheal region.
They allow delineation and differentiation of thyroid masses from adjoining neck masses and enable assessment of the adjacent laryngotracheal region to discern displacement, luminal narrowing, and vascular displacement and invasion.
Compared to adults, blunt laryngotracheal trauma is rarely encountered in the paediatric population and the injuries are less severe.21 A review published by Oosthuizen, blunt laryngeal trauma in children accounted for less than 1% of trauma to the head and neck region.
Rehabilitate dysphagic condition means to work aiming swallowing without risk of complications, considering that the rehabilitation purpose is to restore nutritional conditions, reduces the risk of laryngotracheal aspiration and other complications [7].
Laryngotracheal trauma###1(0.5)###2(0.9)###3(1.3)###0.09
Videofluoroscopy quantification of laryngotracheal aspiration outcome in traumatic brain injury-related oropharyngeal dysphagia].
Laryngotracheal membrane involvement can be fatal by causing respiratory system obstruction, myocardial and nervous system involvement can also be fatal (1).
Hartnick, "Tissue-engineered cartilage as a graft source for laryngotracheal reconstruction: a pig model," Archives of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery, vol.
The ectopic tissue may be located anywhere from the base of the tongue to the diaphragm, the most frequent sites being lingual, thyroglossal, laryngotracheal, and lateral cervical regions.