laser light

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n.1.Light produced by a laser.
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1" for recording thermal and visible images at 1/60 of a second, and offering image mixing functionality for combining regular footage with thermal footage and Laser Pointer and LED lighting.
In a dark meeting room, armed with a laser pointer, UO assistant coach Gary Campbell transformed Jonathan Stewart into a different kind of running back this offseason.
It offers a built-in 3-watt speaker and comes with a remote control mouse with laser pointer.
Born with cerebral palsy, Sweeney doesn't speak but chooses letters on a board with a laser pointer she wears attached to a baseball cap.
A MAN from New Jersey was yesterday sentenced to two years' probation for shining a laser pointer into the cockpit of a plane as it approached an airport, temporarily hampering its pilots' vision.
Touch screen controls and laser pointer assist the operator in removing 95 percent of imbalance in the tool and toolholder.
Playing with his toy mouse and chasing the beam from my laser pointer until he's exhausted.
Weighing in at only six pounds, the SP-46d and XP-56d both feature picture-in-picture, digital keystone adjustment, automatic signal synchronization and a laser pointer remote.
You bolt it to the wall, and with the laser pointer the miner walks to the face and marks his line.
The majority of laser pointer illuminations cause reactions of startling, after imaging, or flash blinding.
It has also been shown in a prior report that a laser pointer can cause a focal disturbance of the retinal pigment epithelium.
Near the window we then found a high-powered laser pointer.