Last Saturday

Last Saturday   
References in classic literature ?
Only last Saturday my Joe busted a firecracker right under my nose and I knocked him sprawling.
I have to inform you, my dearest Fanny, that Henry has been down to Portsmouth to see you; that he had a delightful walk with you to the dockyard last Saturday, and one still more to be dwelt on the next day, on the ramparts; when the balmy air, the sparkling sea, and your sweet looks and conversation were altogether in the most delicious harmony, and afforded sensations which are to raise ecstasy even in retrospect.
On the last Saturday in April, the New York "Times" published an account of the strike complications which were delaying Alexander's New Jersey bridge, and stated that the engineer himself was in town and at his office on West Tenth Street.
Paul says, 'She that's married careth for the things of the world how she may please her husband'; and may happen you'll think me overbold to speak to you about it again, after what you told me o' your mind last Saturday.
Yes, it is infested with rats," said Tabitha tearfully, "I caught seven young ones out of one hole in the back kitchen, and we had them for dinner last Saturday.
He never came home last Saturday night because he wanted to be alone, and she thought he was with us.
Then the last Saturday, on which the Doctor came round to each form to give out the prizes, and hear the master's last reports of how they and their charges had been conducting themselves; and Tom, to his huge delight, was praised, and got his remove into the lower fourth, in which all his School-house friends were.
Perker for corroboration--'to which I have reason to know that my article of last Saturday in some degree contributed.
Noel Browne was left with mild concussion when a player careered into him bottom first forcing his camera into his face at a match between the Maxol WIT Wild Cats and the Liffey Celtics last Saturday.
The last Saturday before Christmas has been the busiest shopping day for two years running, excluding supermarkets.
WIDNES were comfortably sent packing by newlypromoted Tyldesley at St George's Park last Saturday.
It said Minoves, a former foreign minister of Andorra and ambassador to the United Nations, flew to the country from London last Saturday only to meet De Lima.