Lateral pressure

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(Mech.) a pressure or stress at right angles to the length, as of a beam or bridge; - distinguished from longitudinal pressure or stress.

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The answer lies in the principles of Lateral Pressure theory, which refers to the propensity of institution(s) to expand and exert influence beyond their established boundaries.
Stephen Prosser, 51, said the man's "bulk" put "lateral pressure" on his upper body on BA's Bangkok to London service.
It is likely that excessive lateral pressure during growth and development will modify the shape of the patella as well as the trochlea.
Finally, when up against someone who's creating a bottleneck, lateral pressure is less damaging than tattling.
As shown in Figure 2(a), the intermediate principal stress applying system consists mainly of a hydraulic oil cylinder 6, a piston rod 7, a lateral pressure head 14, a guide pressure block 15, two pressure blocks 16, and three nitrile rubbers 18.
The lateral pressure coefficient on lateral wall from h=1m to h=7m can be obtained.
Caption: Figure 14: Influence of the EPS15 thickness ratio on reduction of lateral pressure.
Standard solutions (99% of the market) allow for exertion of lateral pressure during the independent movements of joints, causing them to wear out.
XP Technology instruments require only a very light grasp and shaving stroke rather than lateral pressure below a deposit, similar to the technique used with an ultrasonic scaler, helping ensure correct ergonomics and hand health as well as patient comfort.
Laryngeal resistance to lateral pressure. Perilaryngeal muscle tension is assessed in the range 0-5, where 0 represents the minimum resistance, and 5 denotes the maximum resistance.
The whole loading scheme of the test includes three processes: (1) process to establish the in situ stress conditions (i.e., initial condition before mining activities start); (2) simulated roadway excavation process; (3) process of adjusting lateral pressure until the model is damaged if the model had not failed after process (2).
Finally, the maximum inlet lateral pressure head was determined using (2) as follows:

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