Lateral pressure

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(Mech.) a pressure or stress at right angles to the length, as of a beam or bridge; - distinguished from longitudinal pressure or stress.

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Finally, when up against someone who's creating a bottleneck, lateral pressure is less damaging than tattling.
Standard solutions (99% of the market) allow for exertion of lateral pressure during the independent movements of joints, causing them to wear out.
XP Technology instruments require only a very light grasp and shaving stroke rather than lateral pressure below a deposit, similar to the technique used with an ultrasonic scaler, helping ensure correct ergonomics and hand health as well as patient comfort.
Maximum lateral pressure for reading was 50 psi (35 m) with an increment of 5 psi (3.
Furthermore, multiple factors, including ground stress field, judgment standard, and lateral pressure coefficient, were considered when calculating the area and height of tunnel collapse to find the tendency and variation.
There is evidence to suggest that modified techniques such as a reverse Sellick's manoeuvre or neck flexion with lateral pressure are better than blind insertion in the neutral position.
The stock was held horizontally in a padded vise so I could carefully open the crack by applying lateral pressure.
But such geometry is thought to work well by some experts for reducing friction on high-speed curves by exerting less centrifugal force on the train, causing lateral pressure between the track and the flange.
The integrity of the mucosa was preserved by breaking the innermost fibers of the muscle by lateral pressure with the finger.
It has also been called an excessive lateral pressure syndrome.
Lateral pressure resistance, stretch resistance, and low flammability.
Once lateral pressure is applied to the element (Figure (1-4-b)), element's final lateral strain is calculated by (2-2):

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