Lateral strength

(Mech.) strength which resists a tendency to fracture arising from lateral pressure.

See also: Lateral

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Impervious to frequent punctures, airless tires offer high lateral strength and prevent hydroplaning.
The prediction of the maximum lateral strength and ultimate drift of all test columns are shown in Table 4 along with the results from the experiment.
For the rocking mode of URM piers, if the tensile strength of masonry is neglected, then the lateral strength [V.sub.r] maybe determined using (1) based on FEMA 306 (1999) and FEMA 273 (1997) [17,18].
Recently, Zelinka and Rammer (2012) combined yield theory with quantitative corrosion data to illustrate how corrosion affects the lateral strength of connections.
The lateral strength of the ice cover increases with thickness, and therefore the thickness of ice is the primary ice property in the evolution of the ice conditions in the phase system.
An outside dozer blade has a three-hole blade pitch with screw-type fine-tune adjustment for infinite settings and sloped cross-members provide lateral strength and superior visibility to the rear of the blade.
When the selectors overlooked him due to a supposed "lack of lateral strength," the bodybuilding fanatic demanded a written apology!
Separate tubes provide lateral strength to withstand the strong Chicago wind loads as each tube only needs to take a part of the pressure.
We first illustrate how these equations can be used to predict the loss in lateral strength with time for all yield theory modes.
In order to provide large lateral strength and deformation capacity to ordinary RC frames (OF), high strength steel reinforcements in RC frame columns are studied here.
In this scheme, as the retrofit strategy aims for strengthening and stiffening the first floor, BRBs are thus designed to give additional lateral strength as well as stiffness to the first floor.