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n. pl. lat·i·fun·di·a (-dē-ə)
A large landed estate, especially of the ancient Romans.

[Latin lātifundium : lātus, broad + fundus, estate, base.]


[ˌlætɪˈfʊndɪə] NPLlatifundios mpl
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During the mid nineteenth century, the Mayan peoples of the Yucatan struggled for control over their culture and economy against the nationalist and latifundist pretensions of the new state and its supporters.
Globalization is an attempt to introduce capital-intensive latifundist type of fanning in LDCs which are by and large labor-surplus economies.
Under the old latifundist system, throughout much of the year, families dependent solely on the seasonal sugar harvest had been close to starvation.
A whole "layer of so-called latifundists has formed in the country, they behave like a dog on the hay", he said.
But it is clear that we need to limit 200 hectares in order to prevent large holdings, latifundists to buy for a pittance the Ukrainian land.
Obviously it is not the only obstacle--there is the existing oligarchy, the latifundists, who are the most reactionary and violent part of the opposition; the existing capitalists in their enclaves of import processing, finance and the media (their main weapon); and, of course, U.S.