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n.1.Transportation; conveyance.
References in classic literature ?
The warm defender of the sacredness of the family re- lation is the same that scatters whole families,--sun- dering husbands and wives, parents and children, sisters and brothers,--leaving the hut vacant, and the hearth desolate.
Wherefore I beseech you let the dog and the onions and these people of the strange and godless names work out their several salvations from their piteous and wonderful difficulties without help of mine, for indeed their trouble is sufficient as it is, whereas an I tried to help I should but damage their cause the more and yet mayhap not live myself to see the deso- lation wrought."
The men stumbled along still muttering specu- lations. There was a subdued debate.
This advice, apart from unavoidable business re lations, was easy to follow because Falk intruded upon no one.
In announcing the sanctions, US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said, "Anyone considering dealing with the Iranian defense industry in general, and SPND in particular, risks professional, personal and financial iso lation."
In total, the charity estimates that the policy could force the sale of 23,500 council homes a year - enough to house the popu lation of Oxford over a fouryear period.
County Durham's popu lation has grown by 3.2 people for every one extra dwelling.
"It matters very little, then, who runs collectivism or Big Government; the important point is the existence of masive statist institutions, which can be readily adapted to whichever group takes power, and hence to the control ling and repressing of the subject pop lation."
From 1998 until the mid-2000s, the minimum wage for garment workers stayed at $45, before rising inf lation triggered calls for a hike.
This compi lation comprises a plethora of hits, including Jeff Buckley's original version of Hallelujah which 2008 winner Alexandra Burke made a Christmas number one Leona Lewis.
And the UK is set to follow suit, with demand increasing as the popu lation grows older.
After the procession along Duke Street - which no previous bishop has done and is part of Bishop Paul's desire for the Anglican church to be seen as an integral part of city life - the official instal lation took place in the cathedral in front of around 2,000 members of churches in the diocese as well as representatives of other faiths in the city.