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EVIL laughing hyenas have long been portrayed as terrible, villainous beasts.
Game for a laugh TRIBES, PREDATORS AND ME BBC2, 9pm LAUGHING hyenas have long been portrayed as terrible, beasts.
When I read the book aloud to my girlfriend Mary Jo Dane, she and I were roaring like laughing hyenas baying in the moonlight.
four laughing hyenas in bed with laryngitis; one of the dogs
Prof Kay Holekamp from the Michigan State University, who also took part in the study, said that the animals, also known as laughing hyenas, live in 'fission-fusion' societies.
Two drunken louts who acted like laughing hyenas as they beat an innocent man to death were jailed for a minimum of 15 years yesterday.
Disturbingly dark, it'll harsh your mellow like you were listening to a Laughing Hyenas 45 on 33.