Laughing falcon

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(Zool.) a South American hawk (Herpetotheres cachinnans); - so called from its notes, which resemble a shrill laugh.

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Next we took to the water again, this time in a small boat on the Tortuguero Canal, and got to see creatures in the wild - howler monkeys high in the trees, birds such as egrets, blue and green herons, a laughing falcon and a Jesus Christ lizard, so called for its ability to walk on water.
The all-inclusive resort is on the private Laughing Falcon Reserve, and surrounded by serene rainforest with friendly black howler monkeys.
Among them: Mecca (a left-wing look at terrorism); The Dance of Shiva (civil rights and religious intolerance; Mindfield (the CIA-funded LSD experiments in Montreal); Slander (civil rights, women's rights, abortion); The Laughing Falcon (global environment and U.S.
We observed the slow progress of the strangler fig, which takes 50 to 60 years to choke the life out of its host tree, saw a laughing falcon in the canopy, watched a green parrot eating fruit in a tree, and thrilled to the sight of a horde of white-faced monkeys turning the leafy cover into their dinner salad.
For the next six or seven weeks, Megan watched as each female laughing falcon sat on her egg.
While laughing falcon chicks are growing, their dads often bring three or four snakes to the nest every day!
But when she asked the people who lived nearby, no one could tell her much about these mysterious birds - except that they were called laughing falcons.
She decided to stay right there - and study laughing falcons!
Laughing falcons usually build their nests in the tallest trees around - sometimes more than 150 feet (45 m) above the ground.
That way, she's up there when the laughing falcons start their day singing to each other.
All around the park where, the laughing falcons live, Megan sees rainforest disappearing.
laughing falcons lose their homes and hunting areas.