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In March 1995, he launched the first Laughter Club starting with five people.
A total of 100 healthy volunteers of both the sexes (male - 65 and female - 35) with an age group of 18-70 years from Vizag Laughter Club, Visakhapatnam, were taken for the study.
But on calling customer care, somebody advised him to send the word 'stop' to code number 50105 and he got a response, saying that he had been successfully unsubscribed from the Airtel Laughter Club mdash which he never registered for in the first place.
Aside from deep breathing training, CTCA cancer patients have access to talking with a counselor, activities, and laughter club, "Laughter is often the best medicine.
Yoga Laughter Yoga The weekly Laughter Club holds its yoga session every Tuesday at the Llandaff North Community Centre.
Club name: Skelton Laughter Club Address: Skelton Civic Hall, Coniston Road, Skelton, Saltburn-By-The-Sea TS12 2EY Tell us about your club: Laughter Yoga is a combination of laughter exercises with deep yogic breathing (pranayama) which increases the amount of oxygen in your body whilst being playful.
A Laughter Club member, Devendra Chaudhary, who had suffered a heart attack claims he feels better after a good bout of laughter.
Jo then trained under master laughter specialist Lotte Mikkelson and, shortly after, set up the Edinburgh Laughter Club.
A LAUGHTER club has started in Longwood to help people banish their winter blues.
New Delhi, June 29 -- The division bench of Justices S A Bobade and Mridula Bhatkar was hearing a petition filed by a family of lawyers which alleged that members of a laughter club called 'Sheetal Jogging Association' gathered daily just outside their residence in suburban Kurla and laughed loudly, causing mental agony, pain and nuisance.
Now laughter yoga is far from new-with the first official 'Laughter Club' being launched in 1995 in Mumbai, India.
Kataria, called the Guru of Giggling by the Times of London, ran a two-day training weekend for potential laughter yoga leaders at Auckland's Ponsonby Laughter Club earlier this month.