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A surgical procedure for treating severe obstructive sleep apnea, in which the airway at the back of the throat is widened by the removal of excess soft tissue including the uvula, tonsils, and part of the soft palate.

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Noun1.uvulopalatopharyngoplasty - surgical resection of unnecessary palatal and oropharyngeal tissue to open the airway; intended to cure extreme cases of snoring (with or without sleep apnea)
surgical operation, surgical procedure, surgical process, surgery, operation - a medical procedure involving an incision with instruments; performed to repair damage or arrest disease in a living body; "they will schedule the operation as soon as an operating room is available"; "he died while undergoing surgery"
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California United Bank ("CUB"), a subsidiary of CU Bancorp (NASDAQ: CUNB), has announced that Karen Schoenbaum, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of California United Bank and CU Bancorp, has been appointed to the board of directors of LAUP, the company said.
California United Bank (CUB), a subsidiary of CU Bancorp (NASDAQ: CUNB), has said that Karen Schoenbaum, executive vice president and chief financial officer of the bank and company, has been appointed to the LAUP board of directors.
VPI is a complication that may be associated with LAUP or UPPP particularly if the resection includes the levator veli palatini muscle.
Radio frequency somnoplasty, a procedure is similar to LAUP and UPPP, but uses sound waves applied through a needle to heat the targeted tissue; this damages the tissue and eventually leads to scarring and shrinkage of the treated areas.
Just past the 18th century Kirkhill House we turn left into the narrow passageway named Dog Laup.
To enter our super soccer strip competition just unravel the names below to reveal three famous footballers: a) Vaddi Meanas; b) Laup Geniocsag; and c) Naal Rashere.
LAUP requires three to four treatments spaced a minimum of one month apart.
After completing Phase 1 (spring 2007) in which the authors pilot tested the feasibility, reliability, and validity of selected child development measures for the culturally and linguistically diverse population of children served by LAUP programs, they conducted a descriptive pretest-posttest study in 2007-2008.
Using revenue from the state tobacco tax, LAUP subsidizes preschool programs and helps make them more affordable for parents.
It controls pain and eases discomfort, thus providing patient cooperation during the following procedures: head and neck exams, endotracheal intubation, laryngeal reconstruction, rhinoplasty, LAUP, esophageal treatment, nasal biopsy or surgery, endoscopy (throat or nasal), and stomatitis/mucositis.
He underwent LAUP surgery (Laser-Assisted Uvula Palatoplasty) which is a non-invasive technique involving removing excessive bulky tissue from the back of the throat, freeing the airway.