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n.1.(Chem.) A salt of lauric acid.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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A right lower extremity arterial injection of sodium laurate 10mg/mL 0.2 mL was used in the positive control group, and 0.9% physiological saline 0.2 mL femoral artery injection was used in the negative control group.
Organic nonfoaming agents are also available, and may include saponins, a large family of structurally related compounds derived from plant, and sucrose laurate. Nonfoaming cleansers are most appropriate for dry skin types.
The Indian philosopher and economist Amartya Sen, although a Nobel laurate for his work in economics, is perhaps less well known but has written influentially on the morality of social welfare.
The lipolytic activity of the enzymes were measured by using p-nitrophenol laurate (C12) as substrat.
Sodium laurate can cause vascular endothelial damage and in situ thrombosis.
In the current study, no significant differences (p>0.05) in composition of fatty acids (caprate, laurate, myristate, pentadecanoate, palmitate, palmitoleate, margarate, cis-11 heptadodecanoate, stearate, oleate, trans-vaccenate, linoleate, cis-11 eicosenoate, docosa hexaenoic acid, and docosa pentaenoic acid) were observed.
Fatty acid ester are hydrolyzed by esterases and lipases, but esterases hydrolyze the ester bonds of the water's soluble fatty acid ester with short-chain acyl groups ([less than or equal to] [C.sub.8]), whereas lipases hydrolyze long-chain acyl groups ([greater than or equal to] [C.sub.10]) (WINKLER; STUCKMANN, 1979).The same authors did not detect any activity with p-nitrophenyl caprylate ([C.sub.8]), p-nitrophenyl laurate ([C.sub.12]) and p-nitrophenyl palmitate as substrate of esterase.
The specialty monomers vinyl neodecanoate and vinyl laurate are key raw materials for the manufacture of specific dispersible polymer powders.
Both chlorhexidine laurate and chlorhexidine palmitate were investigated as the chlorhexidine source.
We quantified 9 FAEE (ethyl laurate, ethyl myristate, ethyl linolenate, ethyl palmitoleate, ethyl arachidonate, ethyl linoleate, ethyl palmitate, ethyl oleate, and ethyl stearate), EtG, and EtS from a single 0.1-g meconium sample with a validated LC-MS/MS method (26).
These included Methyl laurate (25), methyl myristate (33) and myristic acid (34), methyl iso-pentadecanoate (37), methyl pentadecylate (40), isopropyl myristate (41), methyl palmitoleate (46), palmitoleic acid (49), methyl palmitate (47) and palmitic acid (51), methyl margarate (52), methyl linoleate (54), methyl oleate (55), Oleic acid (59), methyl elaidate (56), methyl stearate (58), methyl 9Z,12E-Octadecadienoate (60), methyl arachidonate (63), gondoic acid (64), methyl arachidate (65), methyl erucate (69), methyl behenate (70), and methyl lignocerate (75).