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 (lôr′ənz, lŏr′-), Henry 1724-1792.
American Revolutionary leader. A member (1777-1780) and president (1777-1778) of the Continental Congress, he was captured by the British while en route to Holland to obtain aid for the colonists (1780). After his release he helped negotiate the Treaty of Paris (1782-1784).
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Noun1.Laurens - leader of the American Revolution and president of the Continental Congress (1724-1792)Laurens - leader of the American Revolution and president of the Continental Congress (1724-1792)
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Dictionary definitions (to which Laurens herself has recourse in her writings (15)) are useful in pointing us to the varied ways in which the author explores the theme of transmission in l'Amour, roman Three definitions of' transmission' are especially relevant: firstly, 'action de transmettre' , 'transmettre' itself being defined as 'faire passer (un objet materiel) a une autre'; (16) secondly, 'le fait de laisser a ses descendants, a la posterite'; and thirdly 'action de faire connaitre'.
For this campaign, the agency was challenged to come up with a billboard series that stressed the heritage of The Palmetto Bank in Laurens. The agency developed four different messages showing the bank's history in the market.
LONDON An Almeida Theater presentation of a play in two acts by Joanna Laurens. Directed by Michael Attenborough.
Born on 19 May 1921 in Laurens, S.C., Bolt's family later moved to Florida where he attended college.
The picture that emerges of the sheer economic and political power in the hands of the Izards, Middletons, Manigaults, Laurens, Rutledges, and other fully interlocked and highly networked families, will not surprise historians familiar with the character of public life in South Carolina.
The message, hammered home throughout this substantial piece of detective work is that, throughout his life, Laurens van der Post 'was a compulsive liar'.
GREGORY MASSEY'S STUDY OF JOHN LAURENS could serve as a guide to the now outmoded concepts of chivalry, which Laurens embodied.
Scoundrels offers us a broader, queerer history, narrated mostly by John--a fictional composite of several young men, notably John Laurens, one of George Washington's chief aides-decamp.
With the right birthdate (1885) and connections (Kahnweiler, Braque, Picasso, Diaghilev, Chanel), Laurens claims a niche in every account of Cubism.
A few years ago an elderly man in Laurens, Iowa decided to deal with some bad medical news by setting out on a quest.