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He had brought his two nephews, Laurent and Gabriel, from Echelles in Savoie,--one to serve the heads of the bureaus, the other the director himself.
So that when Laurent uttered his name a dreadful presentiment took possession of the lad's mind, and crying out, "I feared it!" he flew like an arrow into the corridor.
"That poor young one," said Laurent, "had a sort of sunstroke when he heard that Jesuit of a Dutocq had got here before him."
"Monsieur Rabourdin is very fond of Monsieur Sebastien," said Laurent.
"Repeat your story, Saint Laurent," replied the man, turning to the originator of the tale.
Before very long he married a woman from Saint Laurent du Pont, who had a little money.
Laurent plans to travel to Europe to reestablish relationships with his friends John Neumeier, artistic director of the Hamburg Ballet, and Jim Kylian, artistic advisor to the Nederlands Dans Theater.
...goals from outside penalty area Gianfranco Zola (Chelsea) 7; shots from outside penalty area Laurent Robert (Newcastle) 72; headed goals Alan Shearer (Newcastle) 6; headed shots on James Beattie (Southampton) 18; headed shots off Dion Dublin (Aston Villa) 26; right foot goals Ruud van Nistelrooy (Man Utd) 19; right foot shots on Thierry Henry (Arsenal) 64; right foot shots off Thierry Henry (Arsenal) 40; left foot goals Harry Kewell (Leeds) 8; left shots on Laurent Robert (Newcastle) 46; left shots off Laurent Robert (Newcastle) 35; total shots on target Thierry Henry (Arsenal) 80; total shots off target Thierry Henry (Arsenal) 53; shots without scoring Alan Stubbs (Everton) 31; shots per goal Per Frandsen (Bolton) 47.
Ashley Laurent, Austin, Texas, has introduced BroadWay Integrated Services Software(TM) (ISS) for the Motorola PowerQUICC(TM) integrated communications processors and S1 security processors.
De Sole bought French luxury goods maker Yves Saint Laurent that year and began restoring it as he had done with Gucci.
THE Paris fashion world came out to cheer Yves Saint Laurent in his final haute couture show.