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The North American craton which, according to the theory of plate tectonics, has existed since the Paleozoic Era and was once part of a supercontinent comprising present-day North America and Greenland.

[After the Laurentian Shield, the continental shield underlying northeast North America that forms the nucleus of the North American continent, after the Saint Lawrence River.]
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If Laurentia was part of a supercontinent, then it had to break up sometime, and Hoffman says certain rock formations in North America indicate such activity.
The highlight of this year's 1.5-million Euros event is the inclusion of the para-dressage, which is making its debut in the Gulf region and has attracted 20 riders, including world No 1 Lee Pearson (the Great Britain), three London Olympics gold medals winner Natasha Baker (the Great Britain), Belgian Michele Geroge and Singaporean Laurentia Tan, who won two medals in the 2012 Olympic Games.
In Cape Breton Island, Laurentia is represented by the Blair River Inlier at the northern end of the island.
Today's fantastic freebies are Morning Glory, Cornflower, Laurentia, Annual Mix and Viola seeds - all guaranteed to add a burst of vibrant colour.
Through this sequence of papers, a convincing case is built for a view of the Yukon-Tanana terrane as a portion of Laurentia that became separated in the mid-late Paleozoic but never drifted far from its place of origin.
(12.) Han LL, Popovici F, Alexander Jr JP, Laurentia V.
This collided with another continent, Laurentia, which destroyed the ocean and the crumpling of rocks produced a mountain chain across what is northern England.
The local character of nondeposition and the variable extent of deposition breaks suggest a tectonic origin of the upheaval, most probably induced by the beginning of the collision of the Laurentia and Baltica continents (Nestor & Einasto 1997).
Hall Green Little Theatre is seeking two gentlemen of a certain age forThe Best of Friends, the Hugh Whitemore play based on between-the-world-wars letters between George Bernard Shaw, Sir Sidney Cockerell, who was director of the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, and Dame Laurentia McCachlan, abbess of Stanbrook Abbey, near Malvern.
James Burns got off the mark for the season when Kinane, on Laurentia, wore down the slow-starting Creux Noir close home in the 10-furlong handicap.