n.1.Spurge laurel.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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In many regions, lake drainage throughout the Holocene has created landscapes covered by drained basins of a variety of ages (Hinkel et al, 2003; Lauriol et al, 2009).
Similar ages, 10s-100ska, were suggested for the disintegration of fresh granite boulders to grus in Yukon by Bjornson and Lauriol (2001).
lAuriol Sinclair's horses have been hard hit by the virus and she landed only her second win of the season when Royal Coachman (John Matthias) beats
According to an audit, again reported by the tireless Leonnig, she misspent $725,000, including $54,000 in charge slips that "tell a tale of shopping, meals, and vacations for herself and her husband: a tour of Africa, shoes from Saks, dresses from Nieman Marcus, dinners at Houlihan's and Lauriol Plaza."
(19) See Claude Lauriol, La Beaumette: unprotestant cevenol entre Montesquieu et Voltaire, Histoire des Idees et Critique Litteraire, 174 (Geneva: Droz, 1978).
Vegetation was established [approximately equal to]6000 yr BP after deglaciation and marine regression (Lauriol 1982, Gajewski et al.
This late Pleistocene establishment of permafrost in the Old Crow, Bluefish, and Bell-Driftwood basins is a unique condition related to the drainage of glacial Lake Old Crow, as permafrost has been a long-term component of the cryosphere in the surrounding region since the late Tertiary/early Pleistocene (e.g., Lauriol et al., 1997; Froes et al., 2000).