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(MACCII) and the Clark Investors and Locators Association (CILA), Laus was posthumously recognized for his role in rallying this capital city and the province of Pampanga toward the development and priming of Central Luzon's countryside progress.
Demonstra-se, conforme estudo de Laus e colaboradores, que a insatisfacao atinge em grande numero as mulheres jovens de maneira geral, independente do curso ou da area de atuacao (Laus e colaboradores, 2009).
And, financial firms use employment data from the LAUS program in models to assess the risk of underwriting loans, including bonds and mortgages.
He did not specify, however, in which locality this expansion would take place."In a short time, we have recorded great interest in theoretical and practical training from several countries," Laus said, as quoted by SITA.
The major challenge for digital marketers in 2017, says Laus Deo, will be "keeping their readers happy by adhering to these parameters." With so many people connected via mobile devices, anyone with a website is, in essence, a mobile marketer--whether he or she realizes it.
Of particular interest to the present reviewer was the material on Neckam's utilization of classical sources in his little-studied metrical encyclopaedia Laus sapientie divinie (Chapter 5), which I believe to be the same work referred to by the fourteenth-century biblical commentator Robert Holcot (rather charmingly) as Scintillario poetarum.
Entre los signos mas comunes se encuentran caquexia, fiebre, alteraciones dermatologicas como prurito, hiperfibrinogenemia, hipercalcemia, hipoalbuminemia, hipoglicemia, hipercupremia, hiperglobulinemia, osteopatia hipertrofica, lisis del tumor, trombocitopenia, neutrofilia, leucocitosis leve a moderada, eritrocitosis y amiloidosis (Axiak y Johnson 2012; Taintor y Schleis 2011); estos hallazgos han sido descritos en diferentes tipos de tumores en equinos (Laus et al.
CES data are used as inputs to other BLS data, in programs such as the Local Area Unemployment Statistics (LAUS) program, which produces statistics on the labor force by state and metropolitan area.
Pilou Asbaek in Danish drama A War The focus is company commander C laus (Pilou Asbaek, of A Hijacking and TV's Borgen) who's trying to keep his unit together in Afghanistan's Helmand - not easy thanks to distrustful locals and the recent death of a soldier from an IED.
She shows convincingly, for example, how musical items like the Te deum, the antiphon Laetare et lauda and the sequence Laetabunda laus beato shaped the discourse, emphasizing familiar themes of civic identity and episcopal piety.
A charming presentation of a trilingual Irish patron is given by Keith Sidwell in "Laus Butleri: Praising the 10th Earl of Ormond in Irish, English, and Latin." The volume also contains an introduction, a select bibliography of Fantazzi's works, an eloquent praise of him, and an index.