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(French loˈtrɛk)
(Biography) See Toulouse-Lautrec


(tʊˈluz loʊˈtrɛk; often -ˈlus-)

Henri Marie Raymond de, 1864–1901, French painter and lithographer.
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de Lautrec had been recently engaged with the Great Captain Gonzalo Fernandez de Cordova in the kingdom of Naples, whither her too late repentant lover had repaired.
Lautrec immortalized the performances and personas of the city's entertainers in colorful lithographs, elevating the advertising poster to the status of high art.
An abusive childhood led Jane Avril to an asylum but her life reached far beyond that to the Moulin Rouge, no less, where she was immortalised in the paintings of Toulouse Lautrec.
The Paris of Toulouse-Lautrec: Prints and Posters, the latest addition to a healthy crop of literature on Lautrec, and the first exhibition at the Museum of Modem Art devoted to him in three decades, makes it easy to see why.
In the shadow of the cathedral tower, you can lunch at Le Clos Sainte Cecile, a former school opened by Lautrec's uncle but now the perfect place for a spot of al fresco dining in the sun-dappled courtyard.
After the two have a painting duel off, Lautrec suggests they go to the Moulin Rouge but Matthew says he has no money and is underdressed.
His cousin Tapie de Celeyran was a doctor and remembered in later years how Toulouse-Lautrec would follow him on Saturdays to the Hopital St Louis, where Lautrec would watch the surgeons at work.
That is not all: the Courtauld Gallery has added a number of related pictures from its permanent collection; among them Lautrec's sketch of Jane Avril, the famous dancer, entering the Moulin Rouge (c.1892), which is matched with a study of her leaving the Moulin Rouge from the Wadsworth Atheneum in Connecticut.
Uno que lo conocio bien y lo comprendio fue el poeta y ensayista Arthur Symons, que lo vio por primera vez en el cafe Moulin Rouge, del cual Lautrec era parroquiano habitual, y que lo describia asi:
Lautrec fue el artista bohemio que se convirtio en un grande, con apenas metro y medio de estatura.
Our collection consists of the giant Elephant Garlic (five cloves), the heavy-cropping Solent Wight (two bulbs) and the all-rounder French Lautrec (two bulbs).