a.1.See Lavatic.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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received today Osman Lavic, Director of the Gazi Husrev-beg Library in
This Publication has to be referred as: Lavic, Z[edina]; Dukic, N[edzad]; Pasic, M[ugdim] & Vucijak, B [ranko] (2016).
Mirsad Lavic, beneficiary of the Social Safety Nets and Employment Support Project:
Nonprescription cannery wanders in a corf, its lavic outtake--stulty
If highly distracting stimuli are presented (e.g., pictures of spiders for spider-fearful individuals) they may, thus, impact on the inhibition and shifting functions of attentional control (Lavic et al.
So out of town at 8:10 and headed straight into the desert--and so straight across the Mohave at high speed for four hours--to Barstow--so in full flight now--the desert yet more desert--blazing heat--102 inside the filling station--the dejected old man and his wife--and so the desert mountains, crateric, lavic and volcanic, and so more fiendish the fiend desert of the lavaed earth like an immense plain of broken tar--and very occasionally a tiny blistered little house--and once or twice the presence of water and the magic greenery of desert trees--and yet hotter and more fiendish through fiend hills--cuprous, ferrous and denuded as slag heaps....
This process should become an extremely interesting and valuable field of study for scholars of mixed jurisdictions, similar to how an ongoing eruption observed live should be of much interest for a volcanologist instead of, or in addition to, cutting cross-sections or extracting core samples to observe the cold, consolidated, and stratified lavic materials of events that occurred long ago.
RANGERS boss Ally M insisted he wants Pol Brozek, left, as a pa Je J lavic - not as a repl West Ham target to today's clash with H a stomach bug a to to be sold befor tr transfer dea But McC up up hop up West Ham target Jelavic will miss today's clash with Hibs at Ibrox with a stomach bug and seems certain to be sold before Tuesday night's transfer deadline.
The frontman has been forced to return to his Belgian club Royal Excelsior after breaking down in training and his place will be taken by Bundesliga player Klemen Lavic.
Syndynamics: despite the generalized abandon of the tilled lands, many vineyards still persist today enclosed with dry walls composed of lavic stone, while the level part of the terracing is generally used for horticultural cultivation.