n.1.Same as Laverock.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Lavrock Ventures was joined by The Robotics Hub, IDEA Fund Partners, and Sands Capital Ventures in funding the company, which is spearheaded by reality capture veterans.
Jim Hunt, Managing Partner at Lavrock Ventures said "Allvision has been working diligently during the past year landing pilot customers which have driven the development of their data refinery and analytics platform.
James Kelly, "Extracts from the Journal of a Voyage to the Labrador in the Church Ship 'Lavrock' in 1872," Mission Life 4 (1873): 68-77.
Six of these destructors were built at Charters Street, Rathbone Road, Smithdown Road, St Domingo Road, Speke Road and Lavrock Bank, Toxteth.
Mint Brook Camp Active Eastern Nfld/Labrador Lavrock Camp Active Edmonton Programs at other camps Active Fredericton Medley, Brookwood Active Huron Huron Church Camp Active Keewatin Programs at other camps Active Kootenay Owaissi Active Montreal None Moosonee None New Westminster Camp Artaban Active Niagara Canterbury Hills Active Nova Scotia/PEI Three camps Active/tentative Ontario Camp Hyanto Active Ottawa None Qu'Appelle Camp Knowles Inactive Quebec Quebec Lodge Tentative Rupert's Land Anglican Island Closed in 2003 Saskatchewan Camp Okema Active Saskatoon " " Active Toronto Three camps Active Western Nfld.
Ralph was a 44-year-old binman stationed at the cleansing depot at Lavrock Bank in the Dingle.
They managed to lock the dog in a room of their house in Lavrock Bank, Toxteth, and dialled 999.
They had a son William and daughter Helen and lived at 9 Lavrock Bank,Dingle,during the 1930s.