Law of continuity

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(Math. & Physics) the principle that nothing passes from one state to another without passing through all the intermediate states.

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In addition, the German philosopher's Law of Continuity and Transcendental Law of Homogeneity found mathematical implementation (by means of non-standard analysis) in the 20th century.
Many respiratory therapy students and practitioners alike have grappled over such fluid physics models as the law of continuity, Bernoulli principle, and Venturi effect.
The law of continuity, or the continuity equation, to which it is sometimes referred, is founded on the law of conservation of matter.
(You employed the law of continuity well before you entered the profession of respiratory therapy.)
[The] Law of Continuity, by which one can regard rest as an infinitely small motion, i.e., as equivalent to a subspecies of its opposite, the coincidence of two points as an infinitely small distance between them, equality as a limit of inequality, and so on.
Here another objection is possible: the law of continuity. Yes, but how could Stockhausen's formal ideas like "momentform" or the insert (Einschub) technique be "continuous"!?
This law of continuity applies also to the concept of Weltmusik.
Gating size calculations were based on the law of continuity (Flow Rate = Area x Velocity).
The runner exit at the top of the bottom riser was calculated using the law of continuity and the height of the mold cavity from the top of the mold.
The authors said current runner systems are troublesome because gating design calculations make intensive use of Bernoulli's equation and the law of continuity. Although this method provides a first estimate of mold filling time, it is limited because it doesn't consider metallurgical requirements; assumes steady-state conditions that don't occur during mold filling; and doesn't consider the whole pouring and gating system.
The law of continuity states that the faster a liquid travels, the smaller its cross-sectional area.
The law of continuity states that the volume of liquid flowing through a full channel is the same at all points in the channel.