Supply and demand

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oferta y demanda
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"I assume that a salary is the price paid for a commodity, and it ought to conform with the law of supply and demand.
The March 4 order was justified by the law of supply and demand.
Their helpers' salaries may not be in dollars like those of their OFW cousins, but the law of supply and demand has reached them.
But the law of supply and demand dictates that, if there's a shortage of something (in this case GPs), you've got to pay for it.
The problem can be traced to the law of supply and demand, Newman averred: 'This war needs to focus on the demand, not the supply of drugs-because as long as there's demand for it, somebody will supply it.
The law of supply and demand holds good, and economists do not hesitate to declare and insist on such law, in spite of interference and unpredictable frictions which man has consciously or unconsciously, ignorantly or deliberately, brought into play with a view to thwarting the law.
Because during times of oversupply, the farm-gate price really goes down and we cannot do anything but to follow the law of supply and demand,' Chen said in an interview with reporters on Monday.
This defeats the basic law of supply and demand," said the directorate.
The law of supply and demand should, in theory, see fewer large-scale warehouses built in Dubai, as the emirate's free zones are oversupplied.
Damascus, SANA -- The Cabinet on Tuesday approved the law of supply and internal trade which includes strict penalties and fines imposed on transgressors.
It showed the continual greed of individuals and estate agents delighting in buying and selling, making money where the law of supply and demand is the rule of the day.