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v. t.1.To cut off the claws and balls of, as of a dog's fore feet.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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51) Widze, ze sobie z tym zadaniem nie radzisz, wiec siadaj, wytlumacze ci kawa na lawe, jak sie rozwiazuje takie rownania (WSFJP).
The quake had shaken loose entire hillsides, sending a cascade of mud, rocks and trees through Jumanak, Pulau Aiya, Lubuk Lawe and Limo Koto Timur.
But they may remember the names of Hi'ilawe, Lawe (pronounced LA-vay) or Ruby Mitchell.
My favourite essay is Richard Firth Green's '"Need ne hath no lawe": The Plea of Necessity in Medieval Literature and Law'.
Residents moaned to council bosses because drivers were tooting their horns at Santa Jason Lawe.
Lawe, for four years; he was stationed in Sasebo, Japan, and patrolled the Pacific.
Paul Lawe, head of cash machines at HBOS, said: "This new ATM will help people in that area of Huddersfield and be available to use free of charge."
There are two 'historical kidung'--the Kidung Rangga Lawe and Kidung Harsawijaya--that are crucial to this study in that they deal with the events surrounding Jayakatwang's rebellion against Krtanagara, his short-lived restoration of the fortunes of the Kadiri faction in East Javanese political life and the subsequent rise to power of Raden Wijaya in 1294 CE.
STRATFORD-UPON-AVON upon Avon College student Andrew Lawe, aged 19, overcame dyslexia to excel in his recent exams, finishing in the top one percent nationally.
[Keyme] was appointed to returne to his countrey til he shulde be eftsones sent for, and for that she was very obstinate and heddye in reasoning of matiers of religion, wherin she shewed her self to be of a naughty opinion, seeing no perswasions of good reasons could take place, she was sent to Newgate to remayne there tanswere to the lawe. [7]
Moryson describes the Brehon law as `an vnwritten lawe, only retayned by tradition, which in some thinges had a smacke of right and equity, and in some others was contrary to all diuine and humane lawes' (224).