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Noun1.Lawrence Durrell - English writer of Irish descent who spent much of his life in Mediterranean regions (1912-1990)
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Few cities have been mythologized in the popular imagination as thoroughly as Alexandria, thanks in large part to the English novelist Lawrence Durrell, who set his famous 'Alexandria Quartet' there, roughly around the same period as Hill writes about.
A Lawrence Durrell B Anthony Powell C Sir Max Beerbohm D Ronald Firbank 3.
A Lawrence Durrell B James Durrell C Ralph Durrell D Henry Durrell 2.
Este 2017 se cumplen 60 anos de la aparicion de Justine, la primera novela de El cuarteto de Alejandria, de Lawrence Durrell, cuya acertada estructura y audaz erotismo siguen cautivando lectores.
Even prominent novelist Lawrence Durrell was captured by Zorba's magic, saying: "A marvellous evocation of a landscape, and a sketch of a temperament as validly Greek as Odysseus himself.
Nearby lie the ruins of the 13th century gothic Bellapais Abbey and the Tree of Idleness, where Lawrence Durrell wrote his autobiographical book Bitter Lemons of Cyprus.
When the sun sinks into the ocean and the mountainside becomes a contrast of fire and shadow, you know why English author Lawrence Durrell was so intoxicated with the place.
In the the 1980s, Haag commissioned Lawrence Durrell to write an introduction to E M Forster's Alexandria: A History and a Guide, and at Lawrence Durrell's request, co-published The Durrell-Miller Letters.
A number of readers, including Lawrence Durrell and Henry's old friend Alfred Perles, have said that they liked the book.
Finally, his work foregrounds a Late Modernist constellation that has largely gone unrecognized (with the notable exception of Arthur Edward Salmon's foundational 1983 overview, Poets of the Apocalypse), and important figures in the canon, notably Henry Miller, Robert Duncan, Elizabeth Smart, and Lawrence Durrell, emerge looking quite different.
Although that library was destroyed by fire in the 4th century, its embers would inspire the rebuilding of the city to its former glory in the 19th century, giving rise once again to a polyglot, cultured society that included writers such as the poet Constantine Cavafy, the novelist Lawrence Durrell (The Alexandria Quartet) and, now, Yitzhak Gormezano Goren.

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