Maxwell's equations

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Noun1.Maxwell's equations - four differential equations that summarize classical properties of electromagnetic fields
differential equation - an equation containing differentials of a function
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Hans Hellsten's Meter-Wave Synthetic Aperture Radar for Concealed Object Detection (9781630810252, $179.00) reviews the basics of meter wave ground imaging radar and includes discussion of the basic laws of electromagnetism and reflectivity, among other principles.
Maxwell's discovery of the laws of electromagnetism influenced important advances in the field of electricity and electronics including radio, TV, communications and radar.
Along with reviewing the procedures used to determine astronomical distances, he argues that as we look back into the past that comes to us from distant starlight, we can observe the constancy of these values--because the values are intimately associated with the laws of electromagnetism and nuclear physics which can be seen to be proceeding then as now.