n.1.A whiplash.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The name is also found in the AFr form capelier); Fener 1271, 1282, 1327, Feyner 1299, 1303, Fenyr 1325 (feiner [OF fenier] 'a seller of hay' MED); Keu 1208, 1270, Kew 1246, Kou 1275, Ceu 1285, Ku 1303, Prioureskeu 1320, Co 1327, Keue 1327, Koo 1332, keu 1340, ewe 1335-6 (keu [OF queu, keu, eu, cou] 'a cook; one who prepares and sells cooked food' MED); Leyner 1275, 1292, Layner 1279, 1285, leyner 1292, lainer 1305, Laner 1312 (lainer [OF lanier] 'a wool worker, wool merchant' MED; OFr lainier, lanier 'woolmonger' Reaney).
We passed the gravel road that wound around to the Yarborough and Layner cemetery.
Researcher Justin Layner said: "What this tells us is that when women have doubts before their wedding, these should not be lightly dismissed."