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 (lā′zər, lăz′ər)
n. Archaic
A diseased person; a leper.

[Middle English, from Old French lazre, from Late Latin Lazarus, Lazarus, the beggar full of sores in a New Testament parable (Luke 16:20).]


(Pathology) an archaic word for leper
[C14: via Old French and Medieval Latin, after Lazarus]
ˈlazar-ˌlike adj


(ˈlæz ər, ˈleɪ zər)

a person infected with a disease, esp. leprosy.
[1300–50; Middle English < Medieval Latin lazarus leper, after Late Latin Lazarus Lazarus]
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Noun1.lazar - a person afflicted with leprosylazar - a person afflicted with leprosy  
diseased person, sick person, sufferer - a person suffering from an illness
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