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    (lăz`zå`rō´nĭ; It. lät`så`rō´nė)
n. pl.1.The homeless idlers of Naples who live by chance work or begging; - so called from the Hospital of St. Lazarus, which serves as their refuge.
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Neither are picturesque lazzaroni or romantic criminals half so frequent as your common labourer, who gets his own bread and eats it vulgarly but creditably with his own pocket-knife.
There remain a few idle men of fortune, tavern and grog-shop loungers, lazzaroni, old bachelors, decaying maidens, and people of crooked intellect or temper, all of whom may find their like, or some tolerable approach to it, in the plentiful diversity of our latter class.
you thought to make us, unhappy strangers, trot at the heels of your processions, like so many lazzaroni, because no carriages or horses are to be had in your beggarly city.
the line-ups IRELAND ITALY J Larmour E Padovani A Conway A Esposito G Ringrose T Benvenuti C Farrell M Zanon D Kearney G Bisegni J Carbery C Canna L McGrath G Palazzani J McGrath J Tuivaiti R Herring M Mbanda A Porter G Licata D Toner D Budd J Kleyn A Zanni R Ruddock M Riccioni T O'Donnell A Fabiani J Murphy N Quaglio 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 IRELAND REPS: N Scannell, C Healy, J Ryan, I Henderson, T Beirne, K Marmion, J Carty, M Haley ITALY REPS: F Zani, A Lovotti, S Ferrari, M Lazzaroni, R Giammarioli, C Braley, I McKinley, M Minozzi TV TIMES: Live on RTE from 1.30pm
TEAMS BENETTON: Luca Sperandio; Iliesa Tavuyara, Tommaso Benvenuti, Alberto Sgarbi, Monty Ioane; Antonio Rizzi, Dewaldt Duvenage; Derrick Appiah, Tomas Baravalle, Marco Riccioni; Irne Herbst, Niccolo Cannone; Marco Lazzaroni, Giovanni Pettinelli, Toa Halafihi.
Speakeasy is hot on the heels of this trend with the launch of three brand new flavour collaborations with award-winning craft alcohol brands, Lazzaroni and Conker Spirit.
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CASTELAR Dopo lo stabilimento del regime costituzionale sono spariti quei tradizionali lazzaroni che vivevano quasi nudi sulla rena al sole sostenendosi della scarsa pesca e della larga elemosina...
Sanz and Lazzaroni (2008) note additional barriers to enterprise development in Nicaragua such as access to financing, closed social networks, low levels of education and administrative experience, and lack of an economic climate that facilitates and fosters entrepreneurship.
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