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Noun1.Le Gallienne - United States actress (born in England) (1899-1991)
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While training as a stage actor, Plummer was discovered by English producer Eva Le Gallienne. After stints in various plays and TV roles, Plummer would breakthrough with his performance in the beloved 1965 musical "The Sound of Music" by director Robert Wise.
Eva Le Gallienne and Josephine Hutchinson -- leads in the 1932 play Dear Jane -- were outed lesbian lovers.
The result of all this was that by the late 1880s he was being loaded with satirical labels like one of Pope's dunces: "the louse on the locks of literature" (Tennyson and possibly Gosse), "Shirten Collars" (certainly Gosse), "Random Tearem" (Oxford Magazine), "the Timon of Critics" (Arthur Symons), and "the demon mole" (Richard Le Gallienne).
Directors and playgoers favoured a more naturalistic acting-style that underlined Shakespeare's contemporaneity, which helps to explain why the actor/producer Eva Le Gallienne worked so hard to attract Marlon Brando to the American Repertory Theatre, a new and innovative commercial venture designed to present a series of classical plays in repertory in the 1946-47 season.
Some of the listees, like Maureen Stapleton and Jessica Tandy, were close friends and/or key interpreters of Williams's work; others, such as Eva Le Gallienne and Mildred Natwick, had never performed in his plays and occasionally seem bemused at being contacted by a young man they'd never heard of bearing gifts and accolades from someone who had been dead for several years.
Geoffrey Smerdon, I wrote Le Gallienne's biography, The Quest of the Golden Boy: The Life and Letters of Richard Le Gallienne (1960).
?Quiere esto decir que yo niegue a La malquerida y a Benavente las condiciones que determinaron el exito del drama, duradero ya cuarenta anos en el teatro castellano de Espana y America, traducido incluso a la del Norte, donde si no yerro lo represento, en su Civic Theatre de Nueva York, Eva Le Gallienne, con el titulo de Flor de pasion--Passion Flower--como antes habia dado Los intereses creados y La noche del sabado?
Because of Hohman's decision to keep Stanislavsky from upstaging the rest of her cast, there is little on the influence of the Art Theatre performances on American intellectuals such as Edmund Wilson or stage practitioners such as Eva Le Gallienne and the Group Theatre.
He also acted in amateur theater and was encouraged to become a professional by actress-teacher Eva Le Gallienne.
EVA LE GALLIENNE, 92, The Tony award-winning actor, director and producer of theatre and film was one of the few open lesbians in Hollywood of the 1920s and 30s.
Mullany, Frank Britton, Ronald White, Katie Liddle and Rene Morrisey, and by organisations: the Country Women's Association and the Trustees of the Dorian Le Gallienne Award.