Lead angle

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(Steam Engine) the angle which the crank maker with the line of centers, in approaching it, at the instant when the valve opens to admit steam.

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Skilled turners know that the smaller the lead angle between the cutting edge and the feed direction, the greater the opportunity to increase feed, which translates into higher productivity.
Angle a shown in the figure is the lead angle of the screw, given as
com)-- Bruker Corporation (NASDAQ: BRKR) today demonstrated the NPFLEX-LA[TM], the industry's first non-contact, three-dimensional surface metrology system to provide quantitative lead angle and surface texture measurements for the control and reduction of fluid leakage of rotary dynamic sealing surfaces.
The high-feed rate is made possible by an 80-degree lead angle, allowing for an extreme chip thinning factor.
The cross sectional shape of nut at the first ridge changes circumferentially due to the lead angle of thread, which causes nonsymmetrical mechanical behaviors concerning the ratio of flank load and stress concentration at the root of bolt.
It can be equipped with a power wheel helix [A-axis] for grinding external, [+ or -]35[degrees] lead angle, and internal threads, [+ or -]10[degrees] lead angle, right or left.
The combination included an uncoated tungsten carbide insert with a chip breaker and holder providing a zero-degree lead angle.
Usually, the hob diameter does not correspond to the diameter of the worm which will mate with the wormwheel being machined (the module and the pitch must agree), so the lead angle of hob coils on the pitch diameter will be different from the lead angle of worm coils.
It shows the calculated fraction of the maximum flow rate over the rotor wing per unit length, as a function of rotor wing helix angle for a fixed rotor speed, wing length, lead angle and land width.
Equipped with a Gen II or III tube (depending on export destination), a laser rangefinder and a north sensor, the system is aimed at the target, the latter being kept within the reticule for about two seconds; at this point range is determined and so is the slew rate allowing the Vosel to automatically offer an new aiming point within the sight that provides both the required elevation and lead angle.
Today, the typical screw pump serving semiconductor applications operates by means of two meshing screws whose lead angle remains constant along their length.