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Noun1.cult of personality - intense devotion to a particular person
fashion - the latest and most admired style in clothes and cosmetics and behavior
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The inexorable disintegration of coherent structures of rule was therefore not only a product of all-pervasive leader cult reflecting and embellishing his absolute supremacy, but at the same time underpinned the myth of all-seeing, all-knowing Leader, elevating it to the very principle of government itself.
One of the highlights of Poetry of the Possible is Nickels' ability to place the concerns of these modernists both within their own political context and show their continued relevance to contemporary political thinkers, from Hardt and Negri to Zizek and Badiou, who are grappling with similar problems of how the collective can bring itself into political being without descending into fascism through the strong leader cult or calcifying into institutionalism.
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Moscow: ROSSPEN, 2004); Polly Jones, "I've Held, and I Still Hold, Stalin in the Highest Esteem': Discourses and Strategies of Resistance to De-Stalinisation in the USSR, 1953-1962," in The Leader Cult in Communist Dictatorships, 227-45; and Jones, "From Stalinism to Post-Stalinism: De-Mythologising Stalin, 1953-1956," in Redefining Stalinism, ed.
4) A similar construction could also underpin the leader cult in oppositional communist parties afflicted by internal factionalism.
8) If the leader cult may be regarded as a distinguishing feature of the stalinised party, the contributions here corroborate that view, at least for the 1930s.
Very few global car manufacturers will top this level of operating margin for the first half of 2001,' said chief executive Carlos Ghosn dubbed 'le Cost-Killer' since his time at Renault and who has achieved business leader cult status both in Japan and abroad.
Mr Ghosn, dubbed 'le Cost-Killer' since his time at Renault and who has achieved business leader cult status both in Japan and abroad, also sought to dispel concerns he would leave the company after the revival plan ends in March 2003.
2) The leader cult was also adopted in the people's democracies in the late 1940s and early 1950s.
Because of the transference of the Soviet-type cult to different contexts, the leader cult acquired a trans-national character.
Among these, 13 essays in Leader Cult in Communist Dictatorships (hereafter LC) focus on Stalin and other general secretaries of "people's democracies" in Europe.