Leading case

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(Law) a reported decision which has come to be regarded as settling the law of the question involved.

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ICFAI Business School CASE Development Center(IBSCDC) is among leading CASE center in world with over 5500 CASE studies, structured assignments and teaching notes in its arsenal.
The state's energy transition could be a leading case study on managing a power system in transition for other mature markets to follow.
If the Binay camp files a case and it is allowed to prosper, this will go to the Supreme Court and will be a leading case on freedom of the press, he said.
PRObE DCI Sebire is leading case TRagIcJ Spy Gareth died
Often, the more one learns about the context and actors in a leading case, the less authoritative the actual decision seems.
Part II, below, will discuss the remaining illustrations and some leading case law in this area and provide general recommendations.
Universal Furniture, one of the leading case goods importers, is bringing its deep pockets and dedicated Chinese production to bear on the U.
Since the final regulations refer to general tax principles to resolve the problem of contingent liabilities, CPAs should look at the leading case from the seller's perspective.
Impsat is definitely a leading case of how to get things done in spite of adverse conditions," says Agnirre.
Leading CASE campaigner George Parfitt said he was concerned Step had to back down but it would not affect his group's claim for a vote among the 50 'feeder' schools to the Birmingham grammars.
A leading case in the 7th Circuit Court answered some questions that had confronted software sellers.