Leading strings

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strings by which children are supported when beginning to walk.

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Here, you might have seen one, who, after ineffectually endeavouring to persuade a surly porker to be conducted in leading strings, was obliged at last to seize the perverse animal in his arms, and carry him struggling against his naked breast, and squealing without intermission.
My friend,' he said, as soon as he surmised that I should break away altogether from my leading strings, unless he relaxed them,
Cradles and corsets, long petticoats and leading strings, perambulators and pantaloons all serve to delineate children themselves as Calvert's ultimate artifacts, constituted and reconstituted in successive phases of the American psyche from 1600 to 1900.
But] the attainment of independence was not the result of the activities of the frustrated educated elite, nor of the new class of clerks, storekeepers, mechanics, cocoa farmers, school teachers wishing to emancipate themselves from the so-called leading strings of traditional communal order of society.
And before the great, good-natured public is aware, it has been placed in leading strings, its rights circumscribed and its natural privileges abolished.