Leading wheel

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a wheel situated before the driving wheels of a locomotive engine.

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For an international perspective, Isuzu is also Australia's leading truck supplier--a position Isuzu has held for 20 consecutive years.
The Slovakia's road haulage association ESMAD supports the Europe-wide initiative to recover damages of hauliers incurred as a result of a cartel of several leading truck manufacturers.
In 2014, the world's leading truck manufacturer presented the Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025, the world's first automated truck, and was the first to demonstrate the technological opportunities and great potential that automated trucks offer the economy and society.
As a result of increasing manufacturing output and discretionary spending, leading truck fleet operators have expanded in terms of fleet size and bulk fuel purchasing.
The second edition of the Truckers Forum will be held on July 25, 2019 at the SMX Convention Center with the title 'DELIVERING GOODS SAFELY and SECURELY' hosted by Manila's leading truck association - The Haulers and Truckers Association in the Watersouth (HATAW) in partnership with other trucking organisations in greater Luzon - INTAH, ADUANA and PC BAPI.
Centro Manufacturing Corporation, the country's leading truck body builder, is set to launch four new products during the ongoing Philippine International Motor Show 2018 at the World Trade Center from October 24 to 28, 2018.
Since 1969, TrailerCraft has been one of the leading truck parts and sales facilities in Alaska.
GMC, a leading truck and SUV manufacturer, has announced the launch of the next generation Sierra line-up, the 2019 Sierra Elevation, in the region.
Leading truck brand, Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC), has showcased the QKR light trucks as main platform for the PUV prototypes seeking to participate in the government's PUV modernization program.
"The driver of the leading truck defied the orders to stop and sped up towards the patrol vehicle instead," the statement said.
A leading truck maker said that 4.33% rise in manufacturing in July-April 2013-14, coupled with 3.7pc, growth in exports to $23.11 billion in July-May 2013-14 from $22.2bn in 2012-13 also propelled goods movement, thus lifting truck sales.