Leading wheel

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a wheel situated before the driving wheels of a locomotive engine.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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When this happens, the wheels in front pull the trailing wheels into rocks; the wheels behind push the leading wheels into rocks."
For each construction of the wheels, extreme conditions of contacting with rail head were accepted: for standard wheel--outworn tread profile and single-point contact with rail; for wheel unit--new linear profiles of the supporting and leading wheels and corresponding to them single-point contacts.
2, with working name "wheel unit" consists of leading wheel 1 and supporting wheel 2, which rotate independently of one another on wheel set axle
Moreover, we have presented a model of the normal-state rail-surface voltage and that of the short-circuit current of the leading wheels and axle of the locomotive in the shunted state [7,8].
When a train enters a track circuit, the JTC signal is shunted by the leading wheels and axle of the locomotive, following which most of the JTC signal flows back into the transmitter with only a small portion entering the receiver.
To study the relationship between the JTC current and voltage induced in the TCR antenna, we model and analyze the distribution of JTC current ahead of the leading wheels and axle of the locomotive.
With this solution, the mobile platform can easily swivel either on the front 2 leading wheels and 2 central wheels, or on the rear 2 leading wheels and 2 central wheels.
This portion of the leading wheel contacts the outer rail on moderate curves; there can be 2-point contact in regions B and C on sharp curves.
This part of the leading wheel contacts the inner rail on curves; the opposite wheel is in flange face or flange root contact.