Leaf frog

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(Zool.) any tree frog of the genus Phyllomedusa.

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It is the first time the lemur leaf frog, found mainly in the rainforests of Costa Rica and Panama, has been bred at Paignton Zoo, in Devon.
Lemur leaf frogs are slender and lime green, with bulging eyes and no webbing on their hands or feet.
Finally, individual animals from sockeye salmon to the waxy monkey leaf frog to the black-browed albatross, are featured in illustrated plates and in brief informational paragraphs.
It isn't easy to catch a red-eyed leaf frog from Costa Rica.
The couple took the frog, which turned out to be a South American leaf frog, to a specialist shop, Shropshire Exotics, at Salters Court in Newport.
WAX ON: Using its feet, this orange-legged leaf frog spreads wax over its body.
wrightorum), Arizona, USA mountain treefrog Rana pipiens, Utah, USA northern leopard frog Pachymedusa dacnicolor, Sonora, Mexico Mexican leaf frog Pternohyla fodiens, Arizona, USA lowland burrowing treefrog Host species, common name Reference Hyla arenicolor, canyon treefrog Goldberg et al.
Pictures of an Amazon leaf frog and a veiled stinkhorn stand out as two of the more difficult shots: that particular species of frog only comes down from the canopy once a year to lay eggs in still water; Stephen found his shot with the aid of a naturalist friend.
6 Giant Mexican leaf frog photo by Jim Bridges, Herpeto Inc.
It's an Asian leaf frog, with a strange shape that helps it hide.
The facility is home to two of the world's most endangered frog species -lemur leaf frogs and golden mantella frogs.
In a few short months, the rescue team gathered up close to 300 animals representing more than 30 species of leaf frogs, ghost frogs, robber frogs, marsupial frogs, and some that have no common English names.