Leaf tier

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(Zool.) a tortricid moth whose larva makes a nest by fastening the edges of a leaf together with silk; esp., Teras cinderella, found on the apple tree.

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Celery leaf tier, a pale green caterpillar with a stripe down its back (the larva of a small, brown, nocturnal moth), succumbs to fatal indigestion when faced with weekly applications of bacillus thurengiensis: Dipel or Thuricide.
Ecto Leaf tier young leaves Platynota flavedana Clemens Ecto Leaf tier Sparganothis lentiginosana Ecto Leaf tier Walsingham young leaves Strepsicrates smithiana Ecto Leaf tier Walsingham young leaves Orthoptera Acrididae Stenacris vitreipennis Marshall Ecto Leaf Unid.