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n.1.(Zool.) Having a leaflike membrane on the nose; - said of certain bats, esp. of the genera Phyllostoma and Rhinonycteris. See Vampire.
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The tunnels easily transformed into habitats for the pacific swallow and the Taiwan leaf-nosed bat, according to CNA.
Smoky, leaf-nosed and vesper are all species of which creature?
A fifth species, the Trident Leaf-nosed Bat, has a similarly extravagant conk with three fleshy extensions to the top of the noseleaf and a sixth, the Persian Leaf-nosed Bat, may occur here but is not confirmed.
Identification of a severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-like virus in a leaf-nosed bat in Nigeria.
Now she's behind the first GPS tracking project to analyse the flight patterns of leaf-nosed bats.
Cat Ba is rich in biodiversity, with several new species -- among them the leopard gecko and a new kind of leaf-nosed bat -- discovered in recent years, but hunting has drastically depleted most of the larger wild mammals.