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(ˈleɪ hi)

William Daniel, 1875–1959, U.S. admiral.
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Leahy culminates his work by describing several of the former Master Chief Petty Officers of the Navy and their individual contributions to Navy enlisted personnel.
Wayne Cathcart was killed when self-employed car trader Joseph Leahy, 38, from Heol Pearetree, Rhoose, lost control of his TVR sports car and crashed into a lamppost on Cowbridge Road West in May last year.
Leahy offers nontechnical yet pithy descriptions of birds, from albatross to wren, and definitions of terms, from aggression to zygodactyl.
Splenda sugar substitute from the McNeil Nutritionals division of Johnson & Johnson has dramatically lifted the sweetener category, according to brand manager John Leahy.
KERRY'S Munster Hurling Championship challenge has been wrecked by insiders and outsiders - according to boss Maurice Leahy.
Leahy jogged behind the houses, looking in the wooded areas, calling the boy's name.
Recently, they delayed a foreign-aid bill to protest what The Wall Street Journal editorial page called "unprecedented stonewalling" on the president's judicial appointments by the Senate Judiciary Committee chairman, Democrat Patrick Leahy of Vermont.
South Florida conservative coalition Take Back Miami-Dade wants county supervisor of elections David Leahy to resign over his refusal to validate signatures on their petition to put to a vote a 1998 sexual orientation amendment to the county's human rights ordinance.
Leahy sobre su gobernacion de Puerto Rico (1939-1940), edicion bilingue, San Juan, Fundacion Luis Munoz Marin/Red de geopolitica, relaciones internacionales y seguridad regional (proyecto Atlantea, UPR), 2002, 262 pp.
John Leahy, the chief commercial officer of European aircraft manufacturer Airbus Industrie, has said that he expects the company's annual deliveries to surpass those of rival Boeing Co for the first time during 2003.
Leahy noted that last year he asked the Justice Department and six New England attorneys general to look into Suiza's potential anti-competitive activities.
In fact, Brownback and Leahy aren't even against informal (and illegal) gambling on amateur sports--e.