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(ˈleɪ hi)

William Daniel, 1875–1959, U.S. admiral.
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One friend wrote: "Philip Leahy Jnr RIP very sad day for the Leahy Family and the entire community in Ballyhooly.
Brendan O'Donoghue, In Search of Fame and Fortune: The Leahy Family of Engineers, 1780-1888 (Dublin: Geography Publications, 2006, 338 pp.
MacMaster is married to fiddler Donnell Leahy of the Leahy family band.
The 1m handicap went to the Leahy family, as Islanmore came with a sustained run under Emmett McNamara to lower the colours of topweight and favourite Banna Boirche by two and a half lengths.
Brendan O Donoghue's In Search of Fame and Fortune: The Leahy Family of Engineers, 1780-1888, is superbly researched, well written, and beautifully illustrated.
After its pre-fab days, when Terry was 10, the Leahy family went to live on a council-owned farm where Netherley now stands.
The person, not identified at the inquest, was directed to the Leahy family before being given access.
Several members of the Leahy family studied this form of dance, which is Irish and Scottish in origin.
Thanks especially to the Leahy family, who scrambled eggs, sausages and ham for a delightful Sunday breakfast," she wrote.
Father William Dalton told the packed church how President Mary McAleese phoned him on Tuesday and asked him to convey her sympathy to the Leahy family on their terrible loss.