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n.1.A dog held by a leam.
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All questions concerning this ITB must be in writing and directed to the contracting officer: Victor Leamer, CPPB 907 465-5678 Email: victor.
Taking the role of Policy Advisor is Nathan Leamer.
The EBA method was theoretically developed by Leamer (1983, 1985) and applied by Levine and Renelt (1992) to inquire about the determinants of economic growth.
The Lynching: The Epic Courtroom Battle That Brought Down the Klan, by journalist and author Laurence Leamer, recounts 19-year-old Donald's horrific death in 1981 at the hands of Alabama Ku Klux Klan members.
4 The CMS analysis was first suggested by Tyszynski (1951) and was refined by Leamer and Stern (1970), Richardson (1971), Fagerberg and Sollie (1987), and Kapur (1991).
Laurence Leamer, who has written three books about the Kennedys, said: ''The Kennedys are very loyal to each other in a crisis.
As Leamer and Storper (2001) and Leamer (2007) emphasize, the transfer of competences depends critically on an important distinction between routine codifiable tasks and non-routine.
According to Newsweek writer Laurence Leamer, the 'Terminator' actor told a friend: "I think things will work out OK with Maria, but if they don't, I'm getting me a 20-year-old honey.
No entendimento de Leamer e Stern (1970), os fatores que colaboram para que as exportacoes de um pais nao acompanhem a media mundial sao concentracao das exportacoes em mercadorias cuja demanda cresca mais lentamente que a media dos produtos; exportacoes destinadas a regioes estagnadas; e falta de condicoes de o pais competir com seus concorrentes no mercado internacional.
Recently, Leamer (2007) strongly argues that housing is the business cycle, indicating "any attempt to control the business cycle needs to focus especially on residential investment.
According to Ed Leamer, chief PCI economist and director of the UCLA Anderson Forecast, this has been made clear this year, with retailers postponing their order commitments and holding off until things become clearer regarding the overall health of the economy--while risking stock outages by having very lean inventories.
This change is a correction for work days and traditional seasonal adjustment," said Edward Leamer, director of the UCLA Anderson Forecast and PCI chief economist.