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n. Greek Mythology
A youth who loved Hero and drowned during one of his nightly swims across the Hellespont to be with her.


(Classical Myth & Legend) (in Greek legend) a youth of Abydos, who drowned in the Hellespont in a storm on one of his nightly visits to Hero, his beloved. See also Hero1


(liˈæn dər)

a legendary Greek youth, the lover of Hero, who swam the Hellespont every night to visit her until he was drowned in a storm.
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Noun1.Leander - (Greek mythology) a youth beloved of Hero who drowned in a storm in the Hellespont on one of his nightly visits to see herLeander - (Greek mythology) a youth beloved of Hero who drowned in a storm in the Hellespont on one of his nightly visits to see her
Greek mythology - the mythology of the ancient Greeks


[liːˈændəʳ] NLeandro
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A dark-blue oar crossed with a cherry-pink one above his mantel-piece spoke of the old Oxonian and Leander man, while the foils and boxing-gloves above and below them were the tools of a man who had won supremacy with each.
In the Hellespont we saw where Leander and Lord Byron swam across, the one to see her upon whom his soul's affections were fixed with a devotion that only death could impair, and the other merely for a flyer, as Jack says.
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Benjamin Leander, commander of the 27th Infantry Battalion.
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