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 (lē), Ann Known as "Mother Ann." 1736-1784.
British religious leader and founder (1776) of the Shakers in America.
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Leanne Beverley, aged 24, from Keresley and Matthew Evans, who lives in Wyken, reached Uhuru Peak, the 5895m high summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.
Collette Wolfe lost her beloved Leanne 12 years ago and released her book If Only I Could Hold You Again last week.
After a fire at the bookiesPeter vows to give up drinkingand makes a go of it with Leanne - with him and Simon finally happy.
She takes it to Leanne as proof that Nick sabotaged the factory roof, but Leanne finds it difficult to believe her.
The body of Leanne Unsworth, 40, believed to be a mum-of-two, was found at her home in Burnley, Lancashire, on Monday night.
FOR mum Leanne Lilywhite it was an impossible decision of her life: if you have another baby it could be the death of you.
Leanne McBlain, 32, gained four stone following her mum's death in June 2013.
Leanne Davies, 35, had been for a job interview and came home "bouncing" because it went so well.
And today David's wife, Leanne, has told The Chronicle she does not know how she will survive without the loving husband, who was also her carer.
Leanne Rees Sheppard made lamb and mint meatballs in tomato sauce, Caerphilly cheese and sweet potato mash, and steamed broccoli with carrots.
But the pair fell out badly in 2012, after Ms Phillips was sacked and went on to set up her own rival dress design shop, Leanne Alexandra, also in Liverpool.