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Noun1.rote learning - memorization by repetition
committal to memory, memorisation, memorization - learning so as to be able to remember verbatim; "the actor's memorization of his lines"
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com, Inc an interactive learning map app created to help students explore life's possibilities as they navigate through K-12, CTE, college/university, military service, and/or vocational training.
Therefore, scheming learning map for learning itinerary needs to be considered.
KnowRe's interactive learning map looks and feels like a game with its quest-like assignments and star-based rewards.
Previous weeks had been spent learning map reading, first aid, road safety and bike maintenance in order to ensure a safe and enjoyable day.
Matching resources and curriculum to students, recommending the materials that best meet their needs and creating a custom learning map for each child.
Wireless Generation offers its mCLASS and Burst products, as well as its mCLASS Beacon enterprise assessment system for PreK-12 based on a Learning Map that allows teachers to supervise students' progress and make informed, personalised instructional choices.
A digital examination of individual learning style followed by an adaptive learning map.
Sy also explains that, "a learning map will facilitate users' understanding of the inter-connectivity of the legal concepts and requirements.
In this study, the learning of language is the challenge and applying general semantics principles to language learning is the method for improving the current language learning map.
Consett and Stanley registered on the national learning map thanks to joint Learning Works Award winners Lorraine Weightman and Janice Hutchinson.
Factors that led to Zellers' selection were its "we are family" philosophy in which each associate has a voice and must be respected, valued and listened to; its training program, "The Zellers' Learning Map Program," which was developed through associate input; and its associates' involvement in fund-raising for charitable and social causes.
A learning map visual consists of images and pathways designed to create employee discussions about a strategic theme.

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