Least square

etc. See under Least, Magic, etc.

See also: Square

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The coefficients of linear prediction are computed using two different algorithms: a least square direct method and a recursive Kalman filter.
The least square method, principal component regression and ridge regression values are given in Table IV.
Hongshi [23] initially compared and analyzed several methods of calculating Rayleigh damping coefficients and subsequently proposed the least square method to minimize the difference between the calculated damping ratio and the actual damping ratio within the cutoff frequency.
Some methods have been proposed to improve GRAPPA in recent years like using localized coil calibration and variable density sampling [3], multicolumn multiline interpolation [4], regularization [5, 6], reweighted least square [7], high-pass filtering [8], cross-validation [2], iterative optimization [9, 10], IIR GRAPPA [11], and so forth.
By using the least square method and conventional analysis methods, it is difficult to achieve the desired effect (Dai, 2013).
Keywords: Linear models Ordinary least square Method Recursive Test
Least square estimators of [[beta].sub.0] and [[beta].sub.1] are [[??].sub.0] and [[??].sub.1], which may be calculated as follows:
The data were analyzed by the least square technique to determine the influence of the environmental factors.
Least square method (Hayashi, 1994,2001) is used for 3D strain analysis.
Several recursive identification methods were implemented in this library: Least Square Method (RLS), Recursive Leaky Incremental Estimation (RLIE), Damped Least Squares (DLS), Adaptive Control with Selective Memory (ACSM), Instrumental Variable Method (RIV), Extended Least Square Method (RELS), Prediction Error Method (RPEM) and Extended Instrumental Variable Method (ERIV).
Thus [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] can be transform to [e.sup.1.sub.2345678](n) with the sequence moving from z = 1 to z = n = 8 we extract the least square residual of [a.sub.1] based on [a.sub.2] define as [e.sup.2.sub.1](n), [a.sub.3] based on [a.sub.2] denoted as [a.sup.2.sub.3](n).
Model validation.--The validity of the least square model was tested by comparing the estimated yield from the model with results obtained from simulation runs using the ROMI RIP software (Thomas 1995a, 1995b).

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