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n. pl. pompano or pom·pa·nos
1. Any of several marine carangid food fishes chiefly of the genus Trachinotus, especially T. carolinus of western Atlantic waters, having a silvery oblong body with a bluish back.
2. A butterfish (Peprilus simillimus) of Pacific coastal waters of North America.

[American Spanish pámpano, any of several kinds of fish, from Spanish, vine tendril, a kind of fish with golden markings, from Latin pampinus, vine tendril.]


n, pl -no or -nos
1. (Animals) any of several deep-bodied carangid food fishes of the genus Trachinotus, esp T. carolinus, of American coastal regions of the Atlantic
2. (Animals) a spiny-finned food fish, Palometa simillima, of North American coastal regions of the Pacific: family Stromateidae (butterfish, etc)
[C19: from Spanish pámpano type of fish, of uncertain origin]


(ˈpɒm pəˌnoʊ)

n., pl. (esp. collectively) -no, (esp. for kinds or species) -nos.
1. a deep-bodied food fish, Trachinotus carolinus, inhabiting waters off the S Atlantic and Gulf states.
2. a food fish, Preprilus simillimus, of California.
[1770–80; < Sp pámpano kind of fish]
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Noun1.pompano - flesh of pompanopompano - flesh of pompano; warm-water fatty fish
pompano - any of several deep-bodied food fishes of western Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico
saltwater fish - flesh of fish from the sea used as food
2.pompano - any of several deep-bodied food fishes of western Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico
carangid, carangid fish - a percoid fish of the family Carangidae
genus Trachinotus, Trachinotus - a genus of Carangidae
Florida pompano, Trachinotus carolinus - found in coastal waters New England to Brazil except clear waters of West Indies
Trachinotus falcatus, permit - large game fish; found in waters of the West Indies
pompano - flesh of pompano; warm-water fatty fish
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He cast his eye over the plain leather jack and workmanlike breeches and boots Nick had chosen to wear, and shook his head.
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