Clematis texensis

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Noun1.Clematis texensis - woody vine of Texas having showy solitary nodding scarlet flowers
clematis - any of various ornamental climbing plants of the genus Clematis usually having showy flowers
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The area contains nine rare plant species, including American ginseng and Morefields Leatherflower, which is on the federal endangered species list.
In the fields, look for Deptford pink, smartweed, tall meadow rue, great mullein, leatherflower, sow thistle, wild petunia, Queen Anne's lace and the bright blue Asiatic dayflower.
Out in the fields, look for butterfly weed, purple loosestrife, Queen Anne's lace, purple coneflower, wild petunia, bouncing bets, blue dayflower, sow thistle, white vervain, dogbane, black-eyed Susan, Leatherflower, Germander, pokeweed, St.