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Noun1.Lech Walesa - Polish labor leader and statesman (born in 1943)
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1989 - Lech Walesa begins negotiating with the Polish government
During his stay in Poland on February 1-2, Ko will have a meeting with Solidarity leader and former President Lech Walesa, who attended presidential inaugurations in Taiwan before.
President Duterte is inclined to seek "more advice" from former Polish President Lech Walesa on leadership and labor matters.
1990: Solidarity leader Lech Walesa was elected president of Poland.
LECH WALESA, Poland's revered anti-communist leader and former president, has denied claims he informed on people to the communist regime or took money from the secret security service.
POLISH hero Lech Walesa was really an agent for the country's communist secret police, it has been claimed.
SOLIDARITY hero Lech Walesa has denied new claims that he was an agent for communist secret police in Poland.
Poland's Lech Walesa, who shot to world fame for his role in the collapse of communism, promised on Thursday to defend himself in court against new allegations that he collaborated with the communist-era secret services.
1982: The Polish government frees the leader of the outlawed Solidarity movement, Lech Walesa.
Summary: It was not accidental that during this past week, as I and so many others remembered the life and work of the late Samir Kassir who was assassinated 10 years ago in Beirut, I also spent an hour discussing with Lech Walesa in Gdansk, Poland, some of the lessons and experiences of the historic Solidarity workers' movement.
Lech Walesa in Gdansk in accordance with applicable regulations and standards and the requirements of the Employer;
But on November 4, 1992 he was called to the Polish Embassy in London and, on behalf of the then President of Poland Lech Walesa, was decorated with the Battle Cross of Poland, a high honour.