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(Biography) William Edward Hartpole (ˈhɑːtˌpəʊl). 1838–1903, Irish historian; author of The History of England in the 18th Century (1878–90)


(ˈlɛk i)

William Edward Hartpole, 1838–1903, Irish essayist and historian.
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Then he found a "Bowditch" and books by Lecky and Marshall.
Lecky, who belongs to the conscientiously scientific historical school.
All the details concerning the hermits, in this chapter, are from Lecky -- but greatly modified.
But we know they won't for it has been proved, nothing really happens when such things go amiss A neighbour of mine fiddled the lecky, she was in jail within six week But when those of the hierarchy sin, they get a chance to run or turn the other cheek It is definitely getting nearer; the time when our tempers will not cool Then the rulers will act fast to stop us from trying to over-rule When they see danger, they act with force and grit Does it really have to come to that Or will they be strong with our funds And stop the Carillion-types from wasting [fiddling] it
Sarah attended the mart with her uncle Joshua Miller from Dromore, Letterkenny, with their heifer a big hit with judges Alan y Record-breaking bid for the 22-month-old Supreme Champion Lecky and Gerry Law.
Derek Bestreich, Luke Sproviero, Adam Lobe), Hakeem Lecky, and Donald Flaherty represented both the buyer Jackson & Sons, LLC and the seller, Vito Luongo.
Lecky, Alice Stopford Green, Leopold von Ranke, Heinrich von Sybel, Johannes Janssen, Felix Dahn, Gustav Freytag, Heinrich von Treitschke, and Johannes Haller.
Big Adam Lecky shot United into the lead just before the break and then missed an easier chance after the restart.
SUCCESS for Teens has helped me in and out of school, especially Chapter 2, 'Attitude Is Everything,' " says Finley Lecky.
Lighten our darkness we beseech Thee, O lecky," I implore him.
This work will build on the projects already completed by my Department in partnership with the Department for Regional Development, including the upgrade of the Lone Moor Road, Lecky Road Flyover and Rossville Street.
Emergency medicine consultant Professor Fiona Lecky, who chaired the NICE committee that's revising the guidelines, warns: "It's really important to spot the signs of what could be a serious head injury, and if there's any doubt whatsoever, to get the patient to hospital.